Tuesday 27 February 2024 • Ivy Ballroom, Sydney


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(Presentation) Australia’s Economic Outlook in 2024

In 2023, the global economy demonstrated greater resilience than initially anticipated and inflation has been coming down quickly, reducing the risks of recession. This presentation will assess the possible repercussions of global and local developments on business conditions in Australia for the upcoming twelve months.


(Panel discussion) Unveiling Opportunities and Risks in Private Equity’s Growing Role in Healthcare

Private equity’s increasing involvement in the healthcare sector is influenced by lower-risk scale-up strategies with substantial return potential. This discussion will explore sector developments and highlight risks that may elude investors lacking specialisation in the field.


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(Case Study/Fireside chat) The Riverside Company: Energy Exemplar

Join us for an illuminating interview delving into the dynamic journey of Energy Exemplar, which saw Riverside’s Australia Fund exit in a groundbreaking deal valuing the company at over $1.6 billion. Discover how this collaboration fueled Energy Exemplar’s meteoric 30% compound annual growth rate since 2018, transforming it into a global powerhouse serving 500+ utilities and power companies worldwide.


(Panel discussion) Exploring Investment Opportunities in Decarbonisation

As Australian industries embrace the path towards decarbonisation, numerous challenges emerge, each presenting unique opportunities for strategic investment. Join us for an insightful session that delves into the landscape of decarbonisation investment opportunities and explores how the private capital industry can leverage these challenges to foster sustainable and lucrative investments.


(Case Study/Fireside chat) Five V Capital: Automic Group

This conversation will offer a unique insight into the pivotal moments that have sculpted the extraordinary evolution of Automic Group, a leading cloud-based share registry services provider slated to be Five V Capital’s premier listing on the ASX.

Explore the transformative journey of Automic Group, from its inception to becoming Australia’s fastest-growing share registry boosted by the strategic partnership formed in September 2021 with Five V Capital.


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(Panel discussion) Navigating Growth Transitions – Are Venture Investors the Right Partners?

As companies navigate the challenging shift from loss-making startups to profitable growth entities, a crucial question emerges during the transition to the growth stage: Are venture investors still the most suitable partners? Join our panel discussion as we assess the best strategies to support companies during this critical phase and explore how to strike the optimal balance between growth and sustained profitability over the long term.


(Case Study/Fireside chat) Exploring Global Growth: ABGF’s Investment in INSKIN COSMEDICS

ABGF’s recent minority investment into INSKIN COSMEDICS will be used to support the business as it continues to grow. This discussion will explore how this partnership is set to drive the founder-led skincare retailer to new heights on the global stage.


Networking Afternoon Tea


(Panel discussion) The Allure of the Growth Sector for Major Investors

Let’s delve into the rationale behind mid-size and large private equity firms’ steadfast maintenance and in some cases expansion, of their focus on the growth sector. Why are these firms drawn to the growth sector? Is their attraction based on the potential for enticing returns, a strategic shift towards prioritising profitability in investment strategies or the prospect of long-term opportunities?


(Presentation) Breeding Unicorns and Teaching Them to Fly

Les Szekely, a luminary in the investment and startup sphere will share his pearls of wisdom on the ever-changing investment climate. Get ready to hear his unique insights drawing upon the wealth of diverse experiences and hands-on involvement that only a true industry icon like Les can offer.

  • Les Szekely – Co-founder and Chairman, Equity Venture Partners


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Upstairs in Ivy Penthouse (level 5)

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